September 30 – October 29

Feast Days in Tishrei

Tishrei 6 – VaYelech (“And he went”) Deut.31:1-30

Haftarah: Isa: 55:6-56:8

B’rit Chadashah: Rom: 7:7-12

Tishrei 13 – Ha’azinu (“Give ear!”) Deut:32:1-52

Haftarah: 2 Sam: 22:1-51

B’rit Chadashah: Rom:10:14-11:12

Tishrei 20 – Exo: 33:12-34:26

Haftarah: Eze: 38:18-39:16

B’rit Chadashah: 1 Thes. 5:1-11

Tishrei 27 Torah: B’resheet (“In the beginning”) Gen. 1:1-6:8,

Haftarah: Isa. 42:5-43:10,

B’rit Chadashah: Mat. 1:1-2:23

Feasts: Tishrei 1 Feast of Trumpets Torah: Gen. 21:1-34, Num. 29:1-6

Haftarah: 1 Sam. 1:1-2:10

B’rit Chadashah: 1 Thes. 4:13-18

Tishrei 10 Day of Atonement – Morning Torah: Lev. 16:1-34, Num. 29:7-11,

Haftarah: Isa. 57:14-58:14,

B’rit Chadashah: Rom. 3:21-26

Evening Torah: Lev. 18:1-30,

Haftarah: Book of Jonah, Micah 7:18-20,

B’rit Chadashah: Heb. 10:1-14

Tishrei 15 Feast of Tabernacles Torah: Lev. 22:6-23:44, Num. 29:12-16

Haftarah: Zech. 14:1-21, Book of Ecclesiastes

B’rit Chadashah: Rev. 22:1-4

Tishrei 22 Rejoicing in the Torah: Torah: Deut. 33:1-34:12, Gen. 1:1-2:3

Haftarah: Joshua 1:1-18

B’rit Chadashah: John 21:1-25, Mat. 1:1-25

Feast Days in Tishrei

Rosh Chodesh (Head of the month) – Tishrei 1 (September 25, 2019)

Feast of Trumpets –Rosh Hashanah Tishrei 1 (September 30, 2019)

Day of Atonement Eve – Erev Yom Kippur Tishrei 9 (October 8, 2019)

Day of Atonement – Yom Kippur/Yizkor Tishrei 10 (October 9, 2019)

Feast of Tabernacles Eve – Erev Succot Tishrei 14 (October 13, 2019)

Feast of Tabernacles – Succot Tishrei 15 (October 14, 2019) – Tishrei 22 (October 21, 2019)

Rejoicing in the Torah – Shmeini Atzeret Tishrei 22 (October 21, 2019)

More Info

This month is linked with the Hebrew letter Lamed which in palo Hebrew looks like a staff or goad and means to prick or sting it can also imply authority. The constellation of the month is Libra – the Scales. The tribe of Ephraim is associated with the month of Tishrei. The color stone for the month is Black/Black Onyx or Agate. The feasts in the month are Feasts of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Tabernacles.

This month begins the Autumn season it is also the first month of the civil calendar but the seventh month following the reordering done by G-d during the journey from Egypt to the promise land. As the seventh month it is seen as complete and it completes the feast cycle for the year (not including Purim and Chanukah which are not listed in the feasts of Torah).

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